UMH Foundation

The concept of establishing the Universal Mississippi Holding Charity Foundation originated from the founder of Universal Mississippi Holding Company Ltd. Through decades of business travels, she has visited numerous under-developed areas in different parts of Asia and witnessed firsthand the helplessness in people stricken by poverty. She is convinced that the best way to change the fate of people is through education and the acquisition of knowledge.

She began her philanthropic work with personal donations. As Universal Mississippi Holding Company Ltd grew and became more financially sound and influential, she expanded her work by working with and providing financial support to charitable organizations as well as continuing with donations to individuals directly in need of help. Through this process, a new vision and direction has gradually emerged.

As the founder of Universal Mississippi Holding Company Ltd retires from her business ventures and with a clearer direction, she hopes to expand and takes a more organized approach to her philanthropic work, which resulted in the establishment of this Foundation. The goal of the Foundation is to get more involved in the areas of education and medicine and, at the same time, collaborate with more charitable organizations to get synergy in providing assistance to more people whe are in need.

澧生慈善基金概念的產生是來自於澧生企業有限公司創始人多年工作的体验, 经历,几十年来因工作而到访过无数亚洲落後及贫穷的地区 亲眼目睹了人在艰难处境中的无奈,深感 “知识可改变命运”. 最初只是以个人微簿的力量去捐献金钱….

随着澧生企业在财力与影响力逐步壮大, 我们不断继续捐助金饯同时支援一些慈善团体,在此过程的经验里我们开始有了新的认知与方向….

当澧生企业创始人逐步从商场利益追逐中淡出的同时,我们有了更明确的方向, 希望更系统的去参于, 介入更宽广的去推动我们的爱心工作, 因此就有了澧生慈善基金的诞生, 我们希望更深的介入教育, 医疗与此同时也希望与更多的其他慈善团体合作尽我们的力量让更多有需要的人受惠。